2012-01-11 09:56:15

We have released a Lite version of Awesome Widgets, it allows a reduced number of toggles/settings (30) and features 5 day weather rather than the full 24 weather in Awesome Widgets Pro.

Apart from these slight restrictions Awesome Widgets does everything that Awesome Widgets Pro can do.  You can download and create your own skins, add a mixture of toggle / settings / app shortcuts to an Awesome bar to save a lot of space.

Grab it for free on the android market

We have tried our best to get rid of any bugs, but if you do find any please report them and we'll do our best to fix them

2012-01-11 09:42:20

Android Tapp has written a rather nice review of Awesome Widgets.

Here is a summary: -

" Awesome Widgets Bundle is a cool widgets app for your Android homescreens. Including over 40 weather/clock and toggle widgets, it’s incredibly customisable and offers some skinning options you get with apps like Beautiful Widgets. It’s simple to use, hosts lots of options and offers new ways to brighten your device. "

4.3 Stars out of 5.  We will work to get that extra .7!

Awesome Widgets is available from the Android Tapp App Store: - 

2011-12-06 08:28:36

Hi Folks,

We have released a free snow wallpaper for the Christmas period.  

You can change the density / speed and size of the snow.  The snow will also swish when you swipe between different homescreens

Here is the market link: -

Here it is in action: -

I hope you enjoy it,

Happy Holidays!

2011-10-14 05:06:51

 Hi Folks,

We have made a short video to show the features of Awesome Widgets, Enjoy! :)

2011-10-11 10:32:05

Hurah!  We have left beta and Android Widget Bundle is now available in Android Market

Thanks to the beta testers that helped enormously tracking down the bugs!

If you find any bugs, or have any ideas for improvements, please let me know 

2011-10-11 10:17:20

Hi Folks

We have added a completely new widget to the Awesome Widgets bundle.  Awesome Clock!  Below are a couple of screenshots showing how to configure the Clock.

As with all our widgets the Awesome Clock is entirely styleable with downloadable skins.  You can even make your own when we release our Widget Skinning Kit in the near future.

The Clock also has 3 hourly or 5 day weather which can be switched with a single click.